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What's in a Name? The Vision Behind "Flourish"

Updated: Feb 28

Flourish Wellness from Within for Women

This is going to sound crazy, but my healing journey began with a vision in the mountains of Colorado. Already too "woo-woo" for you? I get it, just keep reading.

I was on a women's retreat in the Rocky Mountains, 40-miles outside of Denver. After a long day of small group discussion that involved deep self-reflection, intense vulnerability and bold truth telling I was emotionally and physically exhausted.

I went to my cabin for rest. As I lay in bed with my eyes closed, I saw a vivid depiction in my mind. A farmer, from long ago, donning a large, wide brimmed hat plowing a field. His handheld plow was pulled by an ox. As the soil began to break apart, seeds started coming out of the farmer's pouch. A few at first, then more and more until I saw thousands of seeds, twirling in the air and landing on the ground around him. The next image appeared as a single plant shoot, which bloomed into one large plant, then two and so on. I was slowly lifted up from the ground for an aerial view, and each time I was raised up a little higher I saw more and more plants. The final view showed acres and acres of lush, green fields filled with a beautiful crop.

I popped open my eyes...somehow I knew this was important, but I had NO clue what it meant. Fast forward one year later, as I worked diligently to heal myself (body, mind and soul). I began to notice signs and stories regarding healing and growth that always related to seeds, plants, flowers and other vegetation. Always bringing to mind that vision, but still not knowing what it meant or what to do with it.

When I created vision boards I noticed my piles of photos were often loaded with images of flowers, plants and trees. Images that I mindlessly pulled out simply because they were beautiful, but once gathered into one area made me question if I wasn’t being led back once again to that vision in Colorado.

One of my favorite poems comes from the Summer 2022 issue of Magnolia Magazine called “It starts with a seed”. In it, the writer (author unknown) states:

“Wherever you are, you sit there containing within you almost all the necessary pieces to grow, to burst forth into the beautiful person you were made to be.”

Those words resonated with me on such a deep level, At my lowest point, I was that seed, a tiny shell of myself. The hardened exterior intended to protect me, was stifling my authentic self and stunting my growth. I held within me all I needed to transform into something beautiful and new, all I had to do was be brave enough and bold enough to nurture it.

Tending to our own healing and growth takes care, patience, time, determination and commitment. But for those who put in the required time and effort, true beauty awaits on the other side. This idea of blossoming into our full potential is what “Flourish” is all about. An awareness that on the other side of vulnerability and hard work is the opportunity to grow into something better and more beautiful than anything you could have imagined. While this is an ongoing process throughout our lives, it always starts with one small, brave step.

Come as you are. Let's get started!

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