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Meet Rachael

My desire to become a health coach stems from my own personal struggles with health, stress and anxiety. For years I struggled with perfectionism, people pleasing and self doubt. Running myself ragged to meet the expectations and demands of those around me. Setting impossible standards for myself and feeling shame when I couldn't meet them. Looking to others, the media and the world to tell me who I was and who I should be. It was an exhausting and utterly defeating existence.

As I began to care and nurture my emotional, mental and spiritual self, my physical form began to heal. Better yet, I began to see myself in new and different ways. I started putting myself in new situations, facing fear and failure, celebrating small steps of progress and honoring my true, authentic self. I was finally able to stay on track with my health goals because I reframed my relationship with food and exercise; while also dismantling the self limiting beliefs and self sabotage that lurked below the surface. Now I have a deep passion to help other women do the same. 

I would be both honored and thrilled to come alongside you as you work to accomplish your health and wellness goals; to serve as a safe space, sounding board and trusted partner during a time of personal growth.  If you feel like the time is right, I encourage you to book an initial consultation so we can get to know each other more. 

Come as you are. Let's get to work!


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